7 Ways to Live a Longer Life

Longer LifeWant to live a long life? Forget taking supplements and searching for a fountain of youth. The keys to longevity are probably much closer to home.

An eight-decade study started by the late Stanford University psychologist Louis Terman in 1921 revealed some surprising characteristics of those who live long lives. Terman recruited 1,528 10-year-olds, half girls and half boys, and collected data on family histories and relationships, personality, hobbies, pet ownership, job success, education levels and more throughout their lives. Over a dozen of the subjects are still living.

Psychology professors Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin took over the project in 1990, and published a booked called The Longevity Project in 2011. What they found has changed the way they live.

source : http://news.discovery.com/human/health/life-tips-study-longevity-health-pictures-120328.htm

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