Saved by a foot-long METAL BAR inside his chest

Dale HayA man whose ribcage was crushing his heart and lungs has been saved after doctors slotted a metal bar through his insides – to fashion a bizarre ‘ribcage brace’.

Dale Hay, 25, was born with the unusual Pectus excavatum – a Latin term meaning hollowed chest.

But ingenious doctors managed to create a ‘brace’ for his ribcage – a foot-long metal bar, which holds his bones in place, protecting his heart and lungs.

And three years after having the bar put in place, doctors are now confident that it can now be removed, and Dale’s ribcage will remain normal.

Pub worker Dale, from Atherstone, Warwickshire, said: ‘I’ll be really pleased to finally get the bar out, as it can be a bit uncomfortable.

‘It protrudes out of my ribcage a bit too, which looks a bit weird – but it has saved my life.

‘My mates are always joking that they’re going to sell me off as scrap metal – I don’t know how much they’d get for me though.’

Although Dale was born with the condition, it didn’t develop until his early teens.

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