Blind Paralympian who has 23 golds can finally see all his medals…

ReddishHe’s won more than 50 medals swimming for his country, but Tim Reddish only ever had the pleasure of seeing a handful of them.

Diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition at the age of 31, the former Paralympian went totally blind 17 years ago.

But thanks to the fitting of a bionic eye, the 55-year-old can now see his haul in all its glory.

Mr Reddish – currently the chairman of the British Paralympic Association – told yesterday how a revolutionary retinal chip is enabling him to make out shapes and read a clock face.

The eight-hour procedure to implant an artificial retina brings hope to thousands who suffer with similar conditions.

It costs up to £100,000 per patient and builds on previous attempts to produce a bionic eye using a camera and transmitter linked to a pair of glasses as a means of relaying images to the artificial retina.

Mr Reddish is one of nine totally blind UK patients who took part in a trial of the chip at the Oxford University Eye Hospital and King’s College Hospital, London.

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