Rachel helps stop sex trafficking of impoverished children

A few years after graduating from college, Rachel Goble made a radical decision. Rather than continue toward a career in marketing and business, she decided to return to the world of her youth: serving the poor. She felt drawn to working for social justice, which had been at the cornerstone of her upbringing.

Today, as the president of The SOLD Project, a nonprofit foundation that helps young girls in Thailand escape sex trafficking, Ms. Goble is passionate about her career, she says. In fact, she’s certain that The SOLD Project will be part of her life forever.

Now approaching the five-year mark, The SOLD Project – powered in large part by Goble’s relentless drive and determination – has transformed the lives of dozens of young girls (and boys) in northern Thailand’s most poverty-stricken region.

To date, The SOLD Project has provided scholarships for 120 young students so they can stay in school and thereby exponentially better their chances of escaping the harmful effects of a life of prostitution.

source : http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Making-a-difference/2013/0125/Rachel-Goble-helps-stop-sex-trafficking-of-impoverished-children?nav=topic-tag_topic_page-storyList

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