The little boy who came back from the dead

Jago Worrall

Sound asleep in bed, his cheeks pink and his hair tousled, little Jago Worrall is the picture of childish health and contentment.

‘When I see him like this, I can almost pretend nothing has happened,’ says his mother Lyn.

But when Jago wakes up, the illusion is impossible to sustain.

He is likely to have a seizure, or cry uncontrollably from the discomfort of the tube that delivers nourishment into his stomach.

He can’t walk or talk.

And although Lyn, 38, a luxury goods sales and marketing consultant, thinks her son recognises her, she cannot be sure.

Jago, who turned two last Saturday, is the victim of a near-drowning that has left him with a serious brain injury.

One sunny Sunday in March this year, while his parents were preparing lunch, he wandered away from the nanny who was minding him and fell into the garden pond.

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