Man walks again for first time after 26 years

Mark Hornby

A man has walked for the first time in 26 years after a road accident left him in a wheelchair at the age of 21.

Mark Hornby sustained serious head injuries in 1986 and doctors warned his parent he could be a ‘vegetable’ for the rest of his life.

But Mr Hornby proved them wrong and thanks to martial arts classes he can now stand unaided and move a few steps.

Mark started attending John Turner’s academy in Brigg, Lincolnshire when it first opened in 2000. He said the classes gave him the confidence to start stretching himself.

I like coming here,’ said Mark.

It’s made me much more flexible. John has made me stand and I’ve been breaking wooden boards.

‘When I’m warming up and John tells me to stand for 10 seconds, I always increase my targets and I say make it 20.

‘He gets me to recite about how I am calm, I am positive, I am confident in order to control my breathing.’

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