My newborn baby saved my life


When Naomi Jacobs gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, it should have been the happiest time of her life.

But the devastated new mother feared she would never see her child grow up, because she had a rare form of cancer that could kill her within 18 months.

Ms Jacobs, from Newcastle, had an emergency caesarean when she was 37 weeks pregnant with baby Lily after suffering an infection.

Surgeons found and removed what they thought was a non-cancerous tumour on her cervix during the operation last October.

It was sent off for a biopsy, and just two weeks after the birth, they told the crushed 23-year-old that she had large cell neuroendocrine, an aggressive form of cervical cancer. 

Ms Jacobs, who lives with partner Mark Hurry, 28, said: ‘If I wasn’t pregnant with Lily I might never have known that I had cervical cancer.

‘We gave her the middle name Grace because she saved my life.


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