schoolboy receive second bravery award for twice saving his epileptic mother’s life


A schoolboy has become a hero for a second time after saving the life of his epileptic mother twice in three years.

Ewan Parry, eight, recently saw his mother Diane fall to the ground suffering from a severe fit.

He immediately dialled 999, just as he did when, in 2009, he found her slumped on the sofa, unable to talk.

Ewan will now be presented with a second bravery award from the North East Ambulance service.

Mrs Parry has suffered from epilepsy since she was five. She lives with Ewan and her mother Mary, 66, in Ashington, Northumberland.

Mrs Parry was alone with Ewan when she suffered her most recent fit.

But the brave schoolboy acted quickly, directing paramedics to the house and even laying out his mother’s medication for them.

Mary Parry said: ‘I came home and found Ewan standing on the porch.

‘He said his mum wasn’t very well and that he had called an ambulance. He did what he had to do and he was great.

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